Gorgeous Wireless Uplighting and Room Color Washing

Wedding lighting is the #1 wedding splurge that is “totally worth it.” Uplights & gobos are “the most get-noticed totally-worth-it wedding details that’ll add serious impact to your wedding day.”

Uplighting and room color washing is one of the most powerful and dramatic forms of event lighting as it can immediately transform and set the mood for your venue. These are small lighting units that use digital LED technology and are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue. The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with beautiful and dramatic colors. We can program dynamic color changes to match or compliment your wedding colors. These are wireless/battery-powered fixtures which means no ugly cords running around the room. This is perfect for transforming a drab venue (e.g. rooms with only fluorescent lighting) into a modern, chic space.


Custom Monogram | Starting at Only $179

Elegantly projected on pretty much any surface-- your name or initials in lights! Backspin Entertainment can provide a custom design for you. It also doesn't end with just your name or initials--overlaying another pattern adds depth and dimension which further enhances the wow factor of your already awesome monogram. Below are samples of some cool monograms I've created for clients. Anything can be customized for any event--wedding couple names/initials, corporate logos, sweet 16's, etc. Check out my stock designs here and for more information about custom design possibilities, please contact us.


Creative Lightscaping and Textures

Transform the look and feel of the entire room with customized lighting textures or patterns. From elegant embellishments to "breakout" patterns, anything is possible.


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