1. Prompt return of your phone calls or Emails.

You should expect to get a call back or an Email back within 24 hours. The only exception may be weekends when most DJ’s are performing.

2. Willingness to meet with you and present his/her service.

Will the DJ try to meet with you soon, or is he/she just trying to book the date sight unseen? Is their material neat and professional looking, and is their presentation organized and informative?

3. Is the price too good to be true?

It seems that the DJ is often the last service chosen, after much of the budget is expended on a venue, food and clothing. This often leads brides and party planners to shop for the cheapest price possible because of a lack of resources. This often backfires when holding out for the lowest price. However, if you have adhered to the guiding principles noted here, you will know to avoid services that have a rock bottom price because they will not be able to display the level of quality and attention to detail that EVERY client deserves!

4. Do you LIKE the person that shows up?

There is NOTHING worse in the world than having to do business with someone you do not like. Choosing the person who β€œfeels” right is the most important factor in picking the right entertainer for your party or reception. The DJ you choose should be very open about what he/she can do for you and should volunteer information and show you that knowledge base.

5. Does the DJ have the ability to show you what sort of music he or she has available?

In some fashion, you the client, need to be assured that the DJ you hire not only has a sizable collection, but has a variety of music, especially for wedding receptions, where many different styles of music and guests will be in the same room together.

6. Does the DJ use professional grade equipment?

If the DJ does not have pictures of his or her gear, you should ask to set up a time to see the equipment or see pictures of the DJ’s set up. The DJ should be able to tell you what he/she uses and characterize the equipment as professional grade.

7. Will the DJ offer to meet with you AFTER signing the contract to plan your event?

A professional DJ is ALWAYS willing to discuss your event at any time before the event starts, and should display the flexibility to accommodate changes and help you solve problems. Meeting or phone conferencing your DJ to plan your event is of paramount importance to a successful event such as a wedding reception.

8. Will the person that you interview be the person that will perform at your event?

This is THE most common complaint about the DJ industry today. The person you meet turns out NOT to be the person that actually does your show. Often, you are not made aware of this. Ask the DJ you interview if he/she will be the actual person performing, or will someone else perform the event. You need to know this UP FRONT before you sign a contract. At Backspin Entertainment, I will be your contact throughout the pre-event planning process and I will also be your DJ.

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